Who can join Level 5 Diploma In Computing?

NCC Level 5 is equivalent to a second year in the UK university system, and those who have passed NCC Level 4 can join the diploma program. Not only that, those who have qualifications similar to a level 4 diploma can also get direct entry approval and join level 5 diploma classes.

Course Lead Instructor

Tr. Thinn Thinzar Soe

Course Instructor 1

Dr. Ohnmar Kyin

Course Instructor 2

Dr. Myat Myitzu Kyaw

Course Instructor 3

Tr. Theingi Aye

Level 5 Diploma in Computing Curriculum

Computing Project (Core)

This unit provides students with the opportunity to utilize their research, analysis, design, coding, testing and project management knowledge and expertise to develop a functioning computer program
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Database Design and Development (Core)

Through this unit, students may explore corporate database applications and hone their abilities in database design and development as well as database management systems.
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Information Systems Analysis (Core)

In addition to teaching students how to compare systems analysis models and analyze them in the larger context of the Internet and the social, political, and economic environment of an organization, this course also gives students a variety of tools for analyzing the needs and function of information systems.
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Network Security and Cryptography (Core)

Students who complete this subject will have the fundamental knowledge and real-world abilities needed to transport data via communications networks safely and securely as well as to secure networks.
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Agile Development (Elective)

The principles, techniques, people, and processes of agile development systems are examined in this subject. Enriching students' knowledge of the information systems development process and preparing them for future trends in software development.
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Analysis, Design and Implementation (Elective)

Students will gain extensive knowledge, expertise, and hands-on practice with object-oriented programming approaches in this class. Students gain proficiency in object-oriented analysis, design, and coding, as well as system testing.
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Artificial Intelligence (Elective)

The purpose of this unit is to give an overview of the basic techniques used in artificial intelligence, including learning, reasoning, search, and knowledge representation. The foundational ideas and methods are introduced, along with the issues they may be used for and their constraints, in this unit. The unit will enable you to study more advanced topics in this fascinating sector and will prepare you for entry-level careers in AI application design and development.
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Dynamic Websites (Elective)

Students gain a variety of abilities to present material on the website in this course, which also builds on their prior understanding of databases and web design to create dynamic websites.
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Professional Issues in IT (Elective)

The professional challenges that affect computer system development, implementation, maintenance, and usage are highlighted in this section. It gives students a working grasp of software quality as well as information on social, ethical, and legal concerns that are relevant to the IT industry.
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Meet our Students


Meet our Tutors

Team member name

Tr. Thinn Thinzar Soe

Academic Director & NCC Lecturer

Tr. Thinzar holds a Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology from Singapore Polytechnic and a B.C.Sc. (Hons) from University of Computer Studies Yangon (UCSY). She has over 15 years of experience working in IT administration and IT service management in Singapore. Moreover, she has over 10 years of experience as an ISO Management System internal auditor and has worked as a compliance officer / external advisor at some of the job search agencies in Myanmar using RBA and IRIS recruiting standards for HR management systems.

In addition to it, she has provided free online English classes for young Burmese people during COVID and also worked as a part-time teacher at an English language school close to where she lives, in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, providing English lessons for young learners.

She is currently a program manager for Twinkle University's NCC Education UK Program, as well as an instructor for NCC Level 3, 4, and 5 programs. She also performs as the primary point of contact between Twinkle University and its partnerships, which include the NCC Education, EC-Council Partnership, and Pearson VUE Exam Center Partnership programs.

“I aspire to live my life while both educating others and continuously expanding my knowledge, all the while fostering the development of future generations” with such motto in hand, she is turning her dream into reality by working together with Twinkle University.


B.C.Sc (Hons ) - Computer Science, Universtiy of Computer Studies, Yangon, Myanmar
Diploma in Information Technology Kaplan Higher Education Institute , Singapore
Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology, Professional & Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy, Singapore Polytechnic
Microsoft Certified Professional
ITIL Foundation V3 in IT Service Management
NICF - Business Analysis Fundamental
NICF - Business Analysis Fundamental, Institute of System Sciences, National University of Singapore
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
ISO Integrated Management System Internal Auditor

Team member name

Dr. Ohnmar Kyin

NCC Program Lecturer

Tr. Ohnmar holds a B.Sc. (Maths) and an M.Sc. (QII) from Yangon University and an M.I.Sc. and Ph.D. (IT) from Yangon Computer University. She is a Microsoft Certified Professional, and not only is she well versed in multiple programming languages such as C#, Python, Java, and databases, but she also has over 23 years of teaching experience in project management courses and IT fields. She used to be a master thesis supervisor at Yangon Computer University, too. Moreover, she has other work-related experiences, such as being a freelance project translator and having worked as an IT trainer for telecom companies, too. Currently, she is a NCC lecturer in the NCC Level 4 and 5 classes of the NCC Education UK program at Twinkle University.

"I'm constantly learning new things, and I also try to share what I've learned with everyone, anytime," Tr. Ohnmar remarked, collaborating with our academic team at Twinkle University to nurture excellent IT professionals.


Certificate of Microsoft Certified Professional (.Net framework and Web Application), Microsoft
Certificate of Network Security Course, GeoComp,Myanmar
Certificate of Information Technology for Myanmar, AOTS & MCF,Myanmar
Ph.D(IT), University of Computer Studies, Yangon, Myanmar
Certificate of Advanced Training Program in Information Technology, CMC Ltd. New Delhi, India
M.I.Sc., University of Computer Studies, Yangon, Myanmar
B.Sc(Maths), M.Sc. (QII), University of Yangon

Team member name

Dr. Myat Myintzu Kyaw

NCC Program Lecturer

Tr. Myint Zu graduated from the University of Computer Studies Yangon (UCSY) in 2006 with a B.C.Sc. in 2006, a B.C.Sc. (Hons.) in 2007, and a M.C.Sc. in 2010. In 2011, she attended and completed the Software Engineering Training Course at the Information and Communication Technology Training Institute (ICTTI) (JICA) (Hlaing Campus). In addition to that, she attended the International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology in Singapore and the International Conference on Computer Application in Yangon, Myanmar, and provided speeches at both conferences. In 2016, she received a Ph.D. (IT) from the University of Computer Studies Mandalay (UCSM). She started teaching students in 2011 as a passion, and currently, with her quote “Wishes to nurture future IT professionals that are better than the teachers themselves”, she’s providing her utmost support to aspiring IT professionals at Twinkle University.


Ph.D(IT), University Computer Studies, Mandalay (U.C.S.M)
M.C.Sc, University Computer Studies, Yangon (U.C.S.Y)
B.C.Sc(Hons), University Computer Studies, Yangon (U.C.S.Y)
B.C.Sc, University Computer Studies, Yangn (U.C.S.Y)

Team member name

Tr. Theinge Aye

NCC Program Lecturer

Tr. Theingi is a B.C.Sc. (Hons.) and M.C.Sc. degree holder from the University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY). She received various certificates and diplomas, such as a Certificate in Teaching Skills for Higher Education from South Essex College, a Diploma in English, and a Diploma in Business Studies from the Center of Human Resource Development of the University of Yangon and the Yangon University of Economics. She also has experience teaching C#, Python, Java, databases, and mobile application development for 11 years. Furthermore, she was an IT trainer, teaching Level 4 and Level 5 of the NCC Education program at Inspiro Institute. Currently, she is a NCC lecturer at Twinkle University, teaching Levels 4 and 5 of the NCC Education program. With the motto “Change is the end result of all true learning”, she collaborates with Twinkle University’s academic team and is currently teaching and tutoring many students pursuing their IT professional dreams.


Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours:)
Bachelor of Computer Science
Diploma in Business Studies, UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMIC YANGON
Teacher Training Course on UK Higher National Diploma Training, Pearson UK
BTEC Implementation
Teaching Skill for Higher Education, South Essex College
Teacher Training Course on Feedback and Internal Standards Verification
Generic Implementation Training